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Founder's Letter
Thank you for visiting us here at Chefaid. I urge you to stay a while and look around.

Our mission is to educate, collaborate and engage you with the community to help you and your business grow. You will find here a selection of vendors, consultants, services, suppliers and more.

Chefaid helps startups and businesses leverage innovative technologies, advisors and provides tried and tested solutions to succeed.
Our only policy is Be Fair. Which means do the right things and build trust within the community. This is a very important aspect of who we are at Chefaid.

We look forward to doing our best and promise to be committed to your success.

Allen Viegas
Founder, Chefaid
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Meet our team
The folks that bring innovation, connections and build trust at Chefaid.
Allen Viegas
After 13 years of learning and starting from the grassroots level to being an Executive Chef a solution was needed to help businesses grow in real time ,find the right advice and services on one platform to empower restaurants and owners .Chefaid was founded.
Chris Walker
Over 30 years of experience working as an Executive Chef to owning and operating a few restaurants in the the City of Toronto .Chris prides himself in bringing companies alternative and customized solutions in establishing turn key restaurant operations and help members through Chefaid.
Johnnathan Vloothuis
With more than 20 years of experience in the culinary industry (Mexico & Canada). Johnnathan prides himself self for being followed by Michelin guidelines and alongside some of Mexico Top Chef's .His creativity and classical training inspires his own flair. Johnnathan brings to Chefaid his extended training and operation logistics.
William Terreberry
William has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry in Toronto and Niagara Region being a General Manger and Chef de Cuisine at The Distillery District .William brings his vast knowledge and know how about an easy daily operation from small and multi unit restaurant chains to Chefaid .
Deepak Singh
Brand Ambassador
Over 14 years of experience ,working and learning with some of the Top Chef's of Toronto. His passion and dedication for the growth of the Food & Beverage industry to be unified ,organized and efficient is what brings him to Chefaid.
Alet Viegas
Product | Technology
After 14 years of providing software technology for communities and building a connected experience through EventBouy, Alet will leverage his knowledge and experience in empowering Chefaid .
If you have any concerns or questions, we will be more than happy to help you - the best way to reach us is Please share your feedback and recommendations, we learn from personal experiences and experiences of others.