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The Hospitality industry is buzzing with opportunities, jobs, new regulations and technologies.

As a user, through our community chat you can ask questions ,list items you want to sell and get feedback through our members. Write interesting articles, news and even participate in other conversations.

For business owners, you can find consultants, recruiters, lawyers and HR too. Meet experts, connect with suppliers & discuss your growth plans.

For Jobseekers; apply for jobs at hotels, restaurants & contract jobs available around you. Employers hiring post your job vacancy to your business needs and let the discussion be between you and members seeking jobs.

As a member feel free to speak to another member or service provide on a one on one basis through are curated directory.

Vendors & Suppliers
As a vendor we have organized the directory so members can connect with you directly and ensure your business needs are meet.

All vendors are verified through the Chefaid team.

Members can access the vendor directory that provide
  • infrastructure solutions
  • POS systems
  • produce suppliers
  • meat suppliers
  • wholesale providers
  • seafood suppliers
  • service equipment
  • rental equipment
  • real estate inventory

and a lot more and have their business needs met.
Events & Networks
Our curated list of events provide you with the most relevant content accessible. Post your next event ask us how. Spend time with influencers in the industry, and chefs that provide value through their experiences.
Designed to grow & connect the community.
Available exclusive to members as soon as early 2019. Let us help you push your skills, business, talents, your story, find you a cofounder and grow your network by posting your next event.

Increase your revenue get in touch with our team to help you grow.
The apllication is very easy in use but gives a real benefit. It saves your time and connects you with the right people quickly!
No unwanted clutter & ads, just you and people important to your business
Share your ideas & Chefaid members will help with sound advice
Well Organised
Our vendors are verified and categorized as per the category and areas they serve.
The app comes free with plenty of free insights, news and networking opportunities
See we are on mobile, your advice & help is Instant.
It requires just an absolute minimum of taps to get started