GO PRO at CAD19.99 per month
with ZERO touch
  • 100 branded and dynamic QR codes.
  • Dine-in table management
  • QR driven Queue management for effective on-premise social distancing
  • Built-in POS
  • Real-time insights
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The zero touch experience
includes a digital menu as well as ordering and payment functionality customers can access with their own devices by one of two ways: scanning a QR code or going to a URL.
Reopen safely with five dynamic QR codes for your zero touch restaurant. The first five branded QR codes are absolutely free!
Zero touch experiences available
From feedback, growing your followers to promoting your food pics - your customer touchpoint is intelligent
Build stronger relationships
with the food order feedback & rating feature deployed at your restaurant & your delivery packaging.
Make it easy to pay
with a Scan-to-Pay QR code that enables your customers to pay from their smartphone.
Increase retention with offers
QR code based coupon campaigns for your different outdoor campaigns & necessary print collaterals
Deliver better guest management
with event registration & reservation management QR code ensures you have efficient table management.
Grow your following on social media
with the Scan-to-connect feature to direct customers to your Facebook, Instagram & Google. presence with dynamic QR codes.
Tell better stories with ease
with advanced QR capabilities you can share with audio, video or a direct url to your website
Select your QR Code type
Dynamic Codes for your restaurant
Website - send customers to your restaurant website
Social Media - Link to your social media channels
Coupons - Share coupons and discounts
Business Page - Provide your company information
Rating - Ask a question and get rated
Event - Promote your event
Video - Share one or more food videos or customer testimonials
PDF - Link to a mobile-optimized online menu in PDF format
Facebook - Get more Likes for your page
App - View your app on various App Store
Podcast - Play your audio file or radio jingle
Gallery - Showcase a series of photos