Connect the team, share information and get real time insights with the Chefaid platform.
Main Menu
From a Facebook styled feed, real time polls and event schedules.

A digital concierge to provide a frictionless experience and build a stronger & connected team.
If you have a multi-day event, share this with your attendees in real time.

Manage sudden changes & send team notifications to select groups.
Event Details & Feedback
View events when livestreamed, see event details and get your team to share feedback on speakers & content.
Profiles for Speakers & Users
Update your profile and showcase your skills to the Altafic team.
Team Directory
The fastest way to find and learn about your coworkers.

You can connect & chat with them too in a private & secure enviroment.
News Feed
Your team can share announcements, updates, videos and more to the Altific teams.

Similar to the Facebook feed: but private, ad-free and secure.
Designed to do connect, share and grow your team.
The apllication is very easy in use but gives a real benefit. It saves your time and gives a great result just in minimum taps!
One Unique Platform
Manage every aspect of your team events, communication and updates with ease.
Photo Gallery
Photographs shared by your team in a single place. Capture those team moments and grow that bond.
Its easier to share information from brochures, standard operating procedures and policies.
All Platofrms
The app is available on Android, iOS and mobile friendly website
You don't need to wait days to send & receive responses. Send alerts, announcements & notifications in real-time.
Take surveys, & get feedback from all stakeholders in realtime.